Geel is blue: discover our first back-to-many system


Geel: once you get there, you stay there. And from now on, you can move around the bustling city centre even more easily with Blue-bike’s shared bicycles. They connect the city’s main hotspots to make them easily and accessible for residents and visitors at an affordable price. For just 0,50 euro, you can cycle from one side of town to the other.

How does the Blue-bike shared bike system work in Geel?

In Geel, Blue-bike operates a back-to-many system. This means that you can rent one of the 125 shared bicycles spread across 12 hotspots in the city and leave it at another Blue-bike point in Geel at no extra cost. You can rent a bike using the Blue-bike app. Download it at the bottom of the page. For a ride up to 30 minutes you only pay €0.50. A ride up to 24 hours costs € 3.50. Do you use a bike for longer than 24 hours? Then our general pricing for long rides apply.

Ride time Pricing
Ride up to 30 minutes € 0.50
Ride up to 24h € 3.50
Ride between 24h-48h* + € 5.00
Ride between 48h-72h* + € 10.00
Longer than 72h, per 24h* + € 15.00

*prices are cumulative


You can rent Blue-bikes at 12 different locations in Geel. Unlike Blue-bike points in the rest of the country, you can leave your bike at another Blue-bike point within the city zone at no extra cost.

You can borrow and return Blue-bikes at these locations in Geel:

  • Brukel
  • cc de Werft
  • De Bogaard
  • IOK
  • Markt
  • Muziekacademie
  • Nieuwstraat
  • OPZ
  • Station
  • Thomas More
  • Ziekenhuis
  • Zwembad
Blue-bike locaties Geel

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