Pilot project with E-bikes at Leuven station

The demand for an electric variant has been growing ever louder and now has a ready-made answer. In the spirit of circularity, we transformed our well-known Blue-bikes into an electric model. From now on, you will find the first 15 electric Blue-bikes at Leuven station. Existing Blue-bikes bikes are converted to the electric model. In this way, the Blue-bike retains its familiar design and functionalities. With this e-bike, you explore the city and its wide surroundings in a new and sustainable way. In case of a breakdown on the road, Ethias is also on standby for this e-bike.

Summary info sheet

  • What? Blue-bike’s first 15 circular e-bikes
  • Where? Station Leuven E-lock (Tiensevest)
  • For whom? Anyone who is a member of Blue-bike. Not a member? Join here.
  • How to rent? Via de Blue-bike app. Download for Android and iOS.
  • What does it cost? €10 for the first 24h. Full rates can be seen here. Enjoy a temporary promo and pay just €7 for the first 24 hours.

Details E-bike 

  • Range: 60 – 100 km (depending on weather and selected assistance level)
  • Battery level: Battery level is indicated by the number of lights on the battery and on the controller on the handlebar. Each light is approximately equal to 15 km of range. It is your own responsibility to check whether there is enough range for the ride you have in mind.
  • Support: There are 5 levels of support. These can be set by the user via the controller.
  • How to use? In the app, we explain in detail how to get on the road smoothly with our e-bikes.

Give it a go

We will place the e-bikes at the new Blue-bike location “Station Leuven E-lock (Tiensevest)”. 40 Blue-bikes will be placed at this new location: 15 e-bikes and 25 classic ones. You can find the e-bikes by their pink plate and battery under the distinctive blue basket. You can easily find and borrow them via the Blue-bike app, where you can also check availability. Borrowing an e-bike is done in the same way as our other bikes with digital lock: open the Blue-bike app, click on the location and select an e-bike from the list of available bikes. Then make a Bluetooth connection to the bike and the lock will automatically pop open. The e-bikes are available to all Blue-bike members. In the start-up phase, it is not possible to borrow an e-bike with a voucher.

More info on renting the e-bikes can be found here.

Blue-bike e-bike Leuven
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